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Real-Time Marketing Automation for Sports Betting and Gaming

Element Wave

Element Wave is the world’s most advanced data-driven marketing automation platform designed for betting and gaming brands. Our platform fuels instant data-powered experiences that maximise mobile in-play opportunities.

Market-leading betting operators using Element Wave see up to 10X more in-play mobile bets.* Engage your players with real-time interactions via our data-mining API.

Our customers have seen up to 3X more web/mobile conversions with hyper-individualised automated player journeys. We specialise in conversion and retention with contextual and actionable marketing messages.

Element Wave is the fastest mobile marketing automation platform on the planet. Our platform delivers 100,000 push notifications per second. Get your message in front of your players ahead of your competitors.

*Based on specific iGaming campaigns

Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile marketing, but were afraid to ask.

Using Element Wave You Can:

  • Incentivise Users Individually

    Our Recommendation Engine matches mobile users with a preferred bet in milliseconds.
  • Tackle Player Churn

    Sophisticated algorithms match bets with the most responsive players.
  • Utilise Real-Time Trends

    Smart Data created for iGaming, tailors complex app experiences to the individual at speed.
  • Get Results

    Reporting made for betting and gaming operators. Tackle player churn and drive long-term loyalty, higher turnover and better player experiences.

Our player journeys use real-time app data, robust software & speed to deliver results that are:

  • Achievable

  • Predictable

  • Relevant

  • Effective

  • Element Wave has been an invaluable addition to our toolkit since launching our mobile app. The dashboard and stats are comprehensive, giving us insight into our user base. …when we were upgrading the app and integrating new technology, the team at Element Wave were very helpful and responsive in assisting our development. Overall a great service.

    Myles Milston
    CTO, Colossus Bets
  • Element Wave helped Betsson Group with delivering a complex, bespoke integration of mobile push messaging technology. Their biggest assets are hands on management, knowledge of the industry and mobile marketing expertise, combined with a genuine passion and can-do attitude.

    Richard Smith
    Head of Mobile Betsson Group
  • Their knowledge of the industry, coupled with their solid reputation and expertise in mobile technology has opened up exciting opportunities to creatively market to our mobile players in-play. This has enabled bwin.party to really stand out from our competitors.

    February 2016

Industry leading brands use Element Wave:

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