20% of Mobile Users Jump Ship After App Registration

App Registration


Note: This post reflects information from an anonymised data group and refers to app events from January – September 2016.


What if we were to tell you that 1/5th of your “successful” acquisition spend is wasted? *

* Is “wasted” a bit extreme? No, read on


The crux of it is, according to our research of sports book apps, one in five new mobile users complete app registration and never come back. What a shame, the hardest part was done! You got your app in front of the player, they downloaded, went to the trouble of registering their details… and then disappeared along with your acquisition spend.

There are a number of factors that could lead to this abandonment, for example: poor user experience or the lack of onboarding, app offerings not as expected, short attention spans, app failing on deposit or regulations halting a casual player’s quick Saturday afternoon punt. Don’t forget the dreaded odds cruisers who make up part of this 20% too.

While you cannot account for all the scenarios listed above, with carefully applied mobile marketing, you can bring the genuine players back into the fold and keep them moving along your conversion funnel.


App Registration Conversion Funnel


The ability to easily identify player drop-off is a key benefit of mobile marketing automation and sophisticated real-time marketing can help to stem this exodus. As we know, a gentle nudge can go a long way.

Let’s examine the casual weekend player example above in a little more detail. It’s Saturday afternoon in the pub, the player sees your TV ad and decides to place a wager on their favourite team. They download, register, the match starts and they forget. All is not lost.

The following weekend, you can identify through targeting and reach out to this player, and any others who have registered, not yet deposited or been active in the past seven days, with a reminder of the download bonus yet to be claimed.

Worse case, the odds cruiser downloads your app to see how it stacks up against your competitor. User experience can be a big differentiator. Targeted and automated user journeys can be utilised in these cases to identify players that download, register, visit a specific page or market and instantly leave the app. A push notification can then be triggered inviting the player back into the app with a reminder of kick-off time or the benefits of your app. These small seeming moments all build into the user’s overall experience of your app.

In-app is also a very powerful mobile marketing tool with a lot of, as yet, untapped potential. The ability to reach users while already engaged opens up a world of opportunity. Take onboarding for an example, tailored in-app messages can guide your player from registration through to their first bet, or add some social pressures with in-app messages “XX players in your area have signed up today. Claim your bonus now to get in on the action!” These aid in progressing the user down the conversion funnel.

So before your abandonment issues get the better of you, consider your acquisition spend. Wouldn’t it be better spent on a data-driven marketing automation platform to prevent such losses in the future?


P.S. 25% of users place their bonus bet and never return but we’ll visit that another day.


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