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2017 Mobile Marketing Trends Blog

Mobile is becoming the dominant platform for betting and gaming brands as players choose it over desktop. Optimising mobile communications and interactions is key for successful iGaming brands in 2017. Marketers have more opportunity than ever before to take control of player journeys and deliver individualised mobile experiences that deliver bigger returns. Here, we look at some of the data-driven trends in mobile marketing that will maximise player value and increase turnover in 2017.


As we head into 2017 without a World Cup or Euro 2016, betting and gaming brands need to focus on other ways to make their apps stand out. Real-time marketing is an effective way of getting a player’s attention. Reaching out to players in the moments after a goal, match result, an ace in tennis, or latest score in a beach volleyball game is a massive differentiator. Technology like the Element Wave platform is able to do this, delivering messages within seconds of events.

Where tech meets need

As defined by Forrester Research, ‘mobile moments’ are the intersection of a need by a consumer and their use of a device. Reaching users or players at that exact time with an individualised message gives value not just to the audience, but also to the brand that sends it. Gaming brands can capitalise on this intersection with engaging content delivered at the moment a player requires it.

Embracing multi-channel

Players prefer to interact with iGaming across several channels; app, tablet, desktop or retail, and the same is true in many other verticals. There has been a distinct separation of tracking of these channels up to now. In 2017 we expect big data to step in and give marketers a unified view of these customers across their preferred channel. Players expect to receive the right message in the channel most suited to them.


The brands that will be successful in 2017 will be the ones that deliver data-driven messaging. Marketers now have the tools to offer tailored messaging solutions to individuals. The move away from broadcast will be complete as players expect content, messaging, offers and send-times designed for them and only for them.

Marketing automation

Automation delivers scalable personalisation to all app players based on their preferences and behaviours. Marketing automation specifically on mobile will be key for player retention in betting and gaming this year. Delivery contextually-relevant notifications based on app behaviours and interactions increases bets and interactions.

New Markets

Expansion of automation also defines an opportunity for opening up your brand to other markets. Localised messaging and marketing is only made possible by the advances in automation, and we’ll likely see openings in India and China in 2017.

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