25% of Your Players Claim Their Bonus and Churn

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Bonus offers are a solid acquisition tactic for grabbing a player’s attention. But, what happens after they claim their bonus? Our studies of mobile iGaming players show that one in four players registers, deposits, claims their bonus and is never seen again. That’s 25% of your acquisition spend going nowhere.

Element Wave works with Europe’s leading betting and gaming companies. We’ve analysed player behaviours and patterns. The data shows a quarter of people claim their bonus offer, lose and then never bet again.
A standard method of welcoming new users and converting those to betting players is to offer bonuses. These often look like: “50% signup bonus.” The player can use their initial deposit immediately and get a bonus on top of that. Bonus offers can be framed as matched betting, free spins for a casino game, free bets in sports betting, refer-a-friend or percentage back on losses.

The average cost per acquisition for European sports book operators is €180, a significant cost for operators. As margins grow tighter, that €180 per player is more precious. Once they’ve become real-money players the value increases. They’ve made it through the sometimes laborious registration and deposit process. Post-registration is a key battleground in targeting players about to churn.

Let’s examine the behaviour of this cohort of players. Even though they lost their bonus bets, they are still registered and are real-money account-holders. They are still valuable if we can re-engage them. They suffered a setback in losing their bet. they need a reason to keep playing. It’s time to get them back in the game.

Leveraging player data, automating your processes and focusing on real-time behavioural marketing will win back these pre-churn players. These are all tools in an iGaming marketer’s arsenal to prevent drop-off and address a priority for the industry as a whole: player churn.

The cost-per-user acquisition should work harder. This is when your reload strategy a defined bonus system comes into play. Tailored incentivised mobile journeys deliver prolonged, sustainable results.

There are individual tactics to face up to these challenges. We’ve seen mobile-first bonus offers or excessive eye-catching broadcast messages. This is a blast-and-go strategy. Instead, we urge you play the long game. Operators need a strategic advantage to follow-up with bonus players to prevent them churning.

Focus on individualising messages for your losing players:

  • Personalise follow-ups based on acquisition source. Guiding the content and direction of your player journeys will keep players. An incentivised journey will work for some sources, but a sport related follow-on will work for others. For example, separate targeting by direct offer versus players who came from affiliate sites.
  • A monetary bonus worked the first time. Incremental bonus offers entice players to return. Knowing the value of your players is key in this step. Pay attention to the stakes of their initial bet. A player who bet €5 will be more likely to take up a €5 next bet offer. At the same time convincing a player whose first bet was €100 is not likely to jump at a €5 offer.
  • Examining event-based data separates players from truly dormant to lurking in the background and allows you to act on it. It’s the difference in knowing if your players have had sessions in your app, been cruising odds, events or leagues or if they’ve backed out completely. Tracking mobile events ensures you only target reload offers to dormant players.
  • Don’t (ever) underestimate the power of push. A push notification is an attention grabber. When combined with a longer in-app notification journey, it consolidates the message to the player. It reminds the player why they should continue betting.
  • Real-time automated messaging uses the power of scarcity marketing. For players less likely to engage with monetary messaging, utilise real-time context instead. Our dashboard puts Smart Data in your hands. Smart Data is a live information filter you can add to messages to showcase trends. For example: “140 players are betting on Ronaldo to score next. Bet now.”
  • Operators must also consider bonus abusers. These are players who register, deposit and bet with the aim of immediate cash out. There are, after all, entire businesses that deliver bonus guides, to give players access to all available bonus offers on the market.

Churn is a problem for every betting and gaming operator. Mobile is an intensive, effective way of tackling churn. It establishes and deepens player relationships, drives retention and reactivates dormant players. We’ve seen that 20% of mobile players churn after registration. Players are dropping off at various points. Automated mobile marketing targets these players at drop-off points urges them to bet again.

Bonus offers are a key hook for sportsbook and casino real-money players. They have done the hard work, they’ve gone through the registration process, now it’s your turn to keep them playing.

Note: This post reflects information from an anonymised data group and refers to app events from January – September 2016.

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