Case Study: Colossus Bets Scores With Element Wave


Colossus Bets uses Element Wave’s powerful push notification platform to drive mobile bets. The betting app saw an increase of 300% in mobile spending after push messages. Find out how in our Mobile Marketing Case Study.


Colossus Bets, the UK-based pool betting operator, chose Element Wave as its mobile CRM platform in 2014. The combined aim was to boost mobile turnover and raise awareness of its promotions, specifically its jackpot pool “The Colossus”. Colossus Bets used Element Wave to send push notifications to increase mobile purchases in the 60 minutes before the kick-off of a game.



  • Customers betting on mobile increased to 64%
  • Mobile purchases doubled
  • Mobile players spent 300% more after a targeted push notification


colossus bets mobile results



Colossus Bets wanted to make an impact with mobile users, increasing awareness and bet numbers which, in turn, would lead to a positive impact on mobile turnover. Colossus Bets also wanted to re-engage players and increase retention rates.

Reaching mobile players is challenging; betting brands find push notifications work best when they are timely and relevant. Colossus Bets partnered with Element Wave because as market leaders in mobile marketing automation, we have built technology specifically for betting and gaming. It is this industry knowledge and experience that helps Element Wave deliver mobile marketing that works, fast.



Colossus Bets had the foresight to see the benefit of push notifications when other companies were still struggling with the idea of developing a mobile app. The company set about using Element Wave to capture mobile player’s attention, maximising their app experience, without disrupting it or causing players to drop-off.

The goals were:

  • To increase mobile bet numbers
  • Increase stake per player



As an innovative betting company, Colossus Bets is constantly looking forward to developing its customer-centric offerings. Early on, it recognised the effectiveness of mobile marketing and started using the Element Wave platform to deliver mobile push notifications.

Colossus Bets scheduled messages to deliver in the 60 minutes before kick-off time for specific matches in the pools. Element Wave’s analytics showed spikes in app usage in the lead-up to match time. These 60 minutes are crucial; when players are more receptive to giving their attention to the app. The intent was to increase mobile purchases and delivering push notifications in the lead-up to matches taps into that interest. The results were clear. The effect was increased bets on mobile and higher turnover as a direct result of push notifications.

These are examples of messages delivered to Colossus Bets players. Succinct and to the point, these notifications communicated to the user the key aspects of the promotion and highlighted the sense of urgency.


Push notification - Colossus Bets

£2,000,000 Pick 6 in 1 hour!

£10,000,000 Colossus in 1 hour!

Today’s £2,000,000 Pick 6 kicks off in 1 hour with Brighton v Arsenal, get stuck in now!

It’s a ROLLOVER! Estimated £250,000 Pick 4 kicking off at 4pm with Man City v Arsenal, get stuck in now.



The impact of carefully planned push notifications was threefold in the case of Colossus Bets. After these mobile marketing messages were sent:

  • The number of customers placing real money bets on mobile jumped to 64%
  • The average number of mobile purchases placed on the app doubled after push notifications were delivered 
  • Mobile customers spent an average of 300% more than before


Since partnering with Element Wave, Colossus Bets has driven mobile betting activity, funnelling users from install to betting players and delivering increases in long-term value.

“Element Wave has been an invaluable addition to our toolkit since launching our mobile app. The dashboard and stats are comprehensive, giving us insight into our user base. …when we were upgrading the app and integrating new technology, the team at Element Wave were very helpful and responsive in assisting our development. Overall a great service.” – Myles Milston, CTO, Colossus Bets



colossusbet-client-image-2About Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets, headquartered in London, is home to the World’s Biggest Bet; the £10,000,000 Colossus. It’s a seven-leg correct score football game, with certain improbable scores grouped together for ease of play. Colossus Bets also offers a range of options for account holders, from ‘Cash Out’ of live tickets



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