Four Deep Linking Strategies for Winning on Mobile

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A deep link directs an app user past the home page to a specific page within it. This allows the user to take the desired action easily. Think of a gamer, who can easily action a push notification and arrive at a new game, or a shopper who can complete a purchase directly from an in-app notification. By implementing a deep linking strategy, marketers can improve user experience, app engagement and see increases in their return on investment (ROI).

Mobile marketers are continually looking for ways to deliver personalised, engaging content via apps. However, they face a big challenge; providing real-time value to mobile players. Deep linking is one solution which offers value far beyond simply sending a user to a page.


Four ways deep linking can provide value:

  • Improve Engagement

One of the biggest challenges right now, across all industries, is keeping users engaged. According to TechCrunch, deep linking shows a 29% increase in engagement. A push notification without a deep link is like announcing a squad but leaving out half the players; it half-works. Users can become frustrated if they receive a push notification that suggests a specific action, but doesn’t link directly to it. The user is unlikely to spend time manually searching therefore potential revenue is lost. Use deep linking to provide true value.

  • Increase Return On Investment

Deep linking speeds up the exchange of information giving marketers the opportunity to increase ROI. Mobile players want relevant information and it has to be fast. Deep linking can offer this speed and minimise the steps involved in placing a bet or making a purchase. Subtle reminder messages which deep link to specific pages can be the prompt people require to complete an action.


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  • Simplify the Onboarding Process

Ask any mobile marketer: the onboarding process can be challenging. Many users drop-off early in the the registration process, without ever becoming customers. Deep linking simplifies this process. For example a user opens the app for the first time, an in-app message prompts the user to a pre-populated registration page.

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  • Better Tracking

Track, track, and track again. It’s important that every message sent to users is personalised based on their actions and behaviour. It can be challenging to gather specific information about what a user is doing within your app if the only link is to the home page. However with a deep linking strategy in place, marketers can analyse exactly which campaigns are most effective at converting and which are not. We’ve written here before about some key metrics to track.


Deep linking adds value across all verticals, from iGaming to media apps. It’s an important tool for marketers who want to enhance user engagement, improve the onboarding process or determine which campaigns have the most success in boosting ROI.


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