Getting Started With Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation


First things first, let’s look at the key benefit to mobile marketing automation – the ability to reach your app users in real-time with contextually relevant messages. Why wouldn’t you want to get on board with that?

With the speed at which mobile marketing trends are moving, it’s ever more important to communicate with your players in a relevant and efficient way. We’ve spoken before about challenges faced post acquisition, player retention is now to the fore.

Before you dive into mobile marketing automation and start planning in-depth strategies on how to prevent churn, there are some things to consider. At Element Wave we always advocate a targeted and user-triggered approach to mobile marketing, something automation makes easy! But, we are also big fans of planning and organisation. With that in mind, here are some initial questions you should ask yourself and your team before you embark on implementing mobile marketing automation:


Do you have an app? (too obvious?)


Is the thought of Integration putting you off?

It shouldn’t. Basic integration needn’t be a total drain on your developers’ resources, we take a closer look here.


What are your goals or expectations for mobile marketing automation?

We suggest identifying three to five initial goals to begin with, ideally these should be in line with your overall business KPIs. Some examples include:

Increase app engagement

Increase time in app

Increase bets per player

Increase sessions per player

Increase player retention


Do you have benchmarks of current app usage?

Assuming your app isn’t brand new, it’s worth gathering some basic benchmarks on app usage so you can easily track the benefits of mobile marketing automation:

Weekly Active Users

Monthly Active Users

Sessions per week

Bets per week

Bets per player


What events do you want to track in your app?

This varies from app to app based on the offerings and products available, but it is crucial to map the events in your app. Triggered events = context.

General examples include:

Button taps e.g. deposit, registration, bet


Pages visited e.g. home, league, sport etc.


Do you have an acquisition strategy?

OK, this isn’t directly related to mobile marketing automation, but, we’ve noted before that 20% of app users leave and never come back after registration. A mobile marketing automation platform can help you align your acquisition strategies by reducing this abandonment. Automation identifies user’s life cycles and enables you to trigger messages to that user at the moment they are about to churn.


How much focus do you put on onboarding new app users?

A good first app user experience is so important, there are entire blogs dedicated to it. If onboarding tutorials are something your app is lacking, mobile marketing automation can trigger messages that plug that gap.


What do your customers want?

See our Best Practice for Building a Mobile Brand for more, but context and content are the key words here for increasing conversions, interactions, and brand loyalty.

At the end of the day, the main thing to consider before integrating any CRM software is the value to your customers and your team. The list above is a non-exhaustive guide, but having clear goals and expectations from the start paves the way for a smoother path in future and the results will speak for themselves.



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About Element Wave

Element Wave is the only Mobile Engagement Automation platform built specifically for the iGaming industry. Established in 2010 in Galway, Ireland, we are a next-generation technology & managed services company serving some of the biggest players in the industry. Our multi-award winning company specialises in mobile marketing to combat the growing problem of player churn. Contact us now for a demonstration to see how we can boost your mobile retention.


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