Key data-driven forces for marketers in 2017

Key data-driven forces for marketers in 2017 – Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report

Technology research company Gartner’s influential 2016-2017 Hype Cycle report looks at how four key pillars are powering results for data-driven marketers. The ‘Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising, 2016‘ report gives recommendations on best practice for an evolving data-driven marketing ecosystem. When combined these forces are enabling new uses of technology from the Internet of Things to AI and a more strategic data-driven approach to marketing.



Image via Gartner Hype Cycle.

The Key Pillars

Based on insights from over 2000 technologies the report points to key forces powered by and powering marketing and advertising technologies:

  • Event-triggered and real-time marketing: Marketing that reacts in the moment and guides users along conversion journeys.
  • Contextual clues: Utilising behavioural data flowing through apps or devices makes it easier to resonate with a consumer.
  • Personalisation: Users expect one-to-one engagement and marketers are seeing growing value from this approach.
  • Marketing Technology (MarTech) and Advertising Technology (AdTech): The push for customer experience across channels irrespective of the product.

“Measure everything and stop making decisions with your gut” – Gartner

Real World Reaction

As a mobile technology company specialising in marketing automation, here at Element Wave we’ve seen the growing usage and success of these marketing techniques, particularly on mobile.

Event-triggered and real-time marketing is critical for the likes of iGaming or Media apps, where content can change in a moment and being first with an offer or breaking news is key. Triggers allow you to set-up a message to be delivered only at a certain page tap or click in the app. We’ve written about use cases for event-triggered mobile marketing here.

Context delivers results time and again for mobile brand owners. Use the information on devices to feed into your communications strategy and react the way your customer expects. A great example is geofencing outside a stadium with a targeted promotion or hijacking weather information to trigger specific campaigns.

Taking a personalised approach is not new, but advances in technology have made it extremely powerful. Basing your marketing strategy on tactics that focus on an individual level, create an overall boost to results. Segmentation of your audience makes personalisation manageable and effective. Element Wave provides full scalable one-to-one user journeys.

The combined effect of these forces is powering innovation in marketing, delivering breakthrough uses of analytics, machine learning and overall a more data-driven approach to fulfilling marketing strategies. This makes a marketer’s job easier. Utilising data and a data-driven approach to strategy it removes the question mark over whether your campaign will succeed or fail.

Check out the Gartner Hype Cycle in more detail here and view their on-demand webinar here.

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