The Importance of Mobile Marketing and Analytics

Mobile Marketing and Analytics: A Crucial Partnership

It’s been interesting to watch the extensive growth around mobile app marketing over the past few years. Operators in the betting and gaming space are looking at mobile marketing and analytics more closely than ever to boost turnover and engagement with their app players.

Gone are the days when marketers crossed their fingers, hoping for the best once their beloved app is released to the masses. A data-led mobile app strategy is vital for success.

Figures show that in June 2016 there were 2.2 million apps available to download from the main app stores like Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore and more devices in the world than people!

How do you gain access to those prospective players? The answer is by analysing the data and creating actions from your analysis.

Implementing Mobile Strategies to Maximise Results

From studying the mobile market closely over the last number of years, it amazes me that many big-brand companies still aren’t aware of how their apps are actually performing. They generally know top-line figures for the number of downloads, however, when it comes to deep dive statistics, it is largely unknown. That’s when data comes into play. Implementing a thorough data-led strategy increases engagement and monetisation.

Mobile Metrics that Matter

Mobile metrics are a key indicator of the best way to generate revenues from your mobile app. Monitoring metrics ensures you get the most out of your marketing and CRM efforts. Gathering and using information such as how much time your mobile customers spend in your app per day, how many users are browsing your app right now, or when your app users are at their most active play a huge part in making money through in-app marketing.

Since time spent in apps is directly proportional to the amount of revenue you can generate through your app… the sooner you integrate a statistics gathering tool like Element Wave into your app, the more you can learn about your mobile audience.

The Most Important Mobile Metrics for Betting & Gaming

Some of the main KPIs worth tracking include the likes of sportsbook turnover by league or event, average revenue per unique active player, and average revenue per player.

It’s when marketing teams begin to drill down into analytics that it gives more meaningful knowledge about your mobile players. Understanding player habits and motivations ensure your marketing messages are tailored to deliver a strong return.

Know Your Spend

When examining the success of mobile betting and gaming apps, any turnover-related data are obviously the most important metrics to look out for.

Conversions are an extremely useful metric. In casino or sports betting apps, information like the number of spins or bet preference will give an indication of how active players are, and importantly, how much revenue they are generating.

Tying revenue back to its acquisition sources proves the value of campaigns. Combining this with retention will highlight the value of specific channels.

Average revenue per user (ARPU) tells you how well your app is monetizing. Usually analysed on a month-by-month basis, the ARPU figure is especially useful for tracking the success of marketing campaigns.

Engagement Metrics to Watch

Engagement transforms acquisition spend into longer-term value. It’s when your players return to an app to place a bet, visit a casino room to spin, or play a hand in a poker game. Engagement metrics must be defined within the context of the particular app.

Churn is the number of users who download an app and then abandon it within a specific time frame. Churn rates indicate how happy players are with what’s on offer and give vital information about how to encourage engagement or reactivate lapsing players.

Tracking the drop-off points in an app where players abandon it will help to improve all player journeys like onboarding, give insight into payment and deposit flows in the customer funnel and help to make better marketing and product decisions.

Tracking the activity of your users over time will reflect how ‘sticky’ or attractive your app offerings are. Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) give an indication of the popularity of your app.

Push notifications and in-app messages grab attention on mobile. Mobile marketing can be tracked through message responsiveness, including open rates, CTRs, session info and interactions-per-player.

Comparing bonus claims against active player numbers will help to see how valuable your bonus strategy is.

Track Your Timing

For betting and gaming operators session information is a tangible metric. This can include session data, the number of players who have completed a specific app event completions or opt-in rates.

Taking a closer look at session activity will give you reliable statistics that reflect how valuable the content is. Knowing how your players use your app is just as important as when they use it.  

Monitoring session time is a strong indicator of projected engagement. Using an app within the first 24 hours after install suggests that players are likely to return to it again in the future. If, however, a player installs and does not access the app within the first week, it’s unlikely you will ever see them again. Time mobile marketing messages to trigger within a short timeframe after install to start growing the relationship between operator and player.  

Once an app is installed, the journey is just beginning. Each mobile app has its own context and KPIs will change from operator to operator. What is vital is for businesses to watch mobile marketing and analytics and optimize accordingly.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2013. It has been completely revamped to reflect changes in the mobile marketing automation industry.

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