Mobile Retention in a Summer of Football Drought

Summer-Retention on mobile


2017 is a rough year for sportsbook operators, not because of hikes in taxes or Brexit.  It’s much much worse. There is no summer tournament!


Once the Champions League Final is over on the 3rd of June we’re in for three long months of football-free weekends. There are some oases in the desert in the form of Russia 2018 Qualifiers in June and late August. And some relief could be found in the usual summer tennis staples of Wimbledon and the US Open or the Champions League Qualifying Rounds which continue through the months. But what’s missing is a volume of mass-appeal games.


We’re not telling you anything you don’t know here. DAU and new registrations will fall and the main thing to suffer at the end of the of the day will be the bottom line. That is the tough reality, but, one thing that doesn’t have to suffer is brand loyalty. Now is the time, if you haven’t already started, to look very carefully at your mCRM strategy and map out the coming months. Player loyalty and retention should be key goals.


If you are lucky enough to have a high rate of retention and active users through the season, the last thing you want to do is alienate them. Players loyal to your brand should be rewarded, and not turned off by over-active marketing. In quiet times, a good rule of thumb is to use push notifications wisely and sparingly. Reserve for the big events and make sure you target to users who have shown interest in the past.


This summer is a great time to expand (or develop!) your in-app strategy. As we’ve stressed before, the key terms when it comes to mobile marketing are “targeted”,  “triggered” and “user-driven” and with a tool like Element Wave in-app can cover all three. Active summer users should be targeted with in-app messages that will add value to their existing sessions. One suggestion could be to try increasing bets per session by triggering a message off the betslip page. Or target based on previous markets bet on or pages visited. The point is there is scope with in-app to increase retention and ultimately betting activity in a non-intrusive, targeted way.  


Cross-selling between products is another method relied upon to get through slow months. It can be tricky to break habits and get sports bettors into casino regularly and vice-versa but using in-app to introduce new sports can be really effective, particularly if added to a multiple, which we know appeal.


App usage over the summer will decline, everyone is in the same boat. The users that remain are brand loyal and very very valuable to you, so don’t mess it up.

In summary:

-Ease off on push notifications

-Build on in-app


The alternative is to start doing your research now on the Allsvenskan (luckily we support unicode!).


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