It’s Official: Mobile Bettors Love Multiple Betting

It's Official: Mobile Bettors Love Multiple Betting


Note: This post reflects information from an anonymised data group and refers to app events from January – September 2016.

Real-money punters have specific bet preferences. Behavioural data on mobile betting and gaming players reveals they love multiple betting. Our data shows that some punters take a long time over their bet choices, some log-in and play immediately. Players bet by odds, stake, day-of-week or league. The point is that they bet systematically.

Multiple betting covers a combination of bets, of two or more. If all the selections are correct, the player wins. As the number of teams or players chosen goes up, so do the odds. The potential to win big grows and this is the draw for many mobile players. One of the thrills that multiple betting offers for players is the chance to win big. The fun is multiplied by the number of extra selections.


Multiple Motivation

Mobile players love betting on accumulators or multiples. In particular, mobile punters love three-leg multiples. Our data shows there are seven times more bettors compared to control groups. When a three-leg multiple bet suggestion is delivered to app players via push notification, bet numbers are seven times higher. Mobile punters especially leave these huge data trails behind them, that marketers and CRM teams can tap into and use to their advantage.

Multiples are obviously valuable for bookmakers by increasing profit margins. There are tangible ways to increase the number of multiple bets and the number of players betting on multiples, especially on mobile. We’ll take a look at layering player profiles and timing to indulge your mobile players with the ideal multiple bet or bets.


Value From Data

As iGaming players near saturation point, operators need to use innovative solutions to grab their attention and loyalty. Matching context and content to player habits on an individual level is a crucial method of retaining and engaging real-money players on mobile.

One of the biggest challenges in Big Data is retrieving actionable insights. This is why data revealing the preferences for multiple betting is so valuable. It’s the beginning of a value journey for app players and builds out a full picture of players and the reactionary messages that will work for them.


How Do We Put This Data To Work?

If we assign bettors with a preference for multiples into a group, we can start adding layers of value to every mobile marketing message they receive. Let’s look at segmentation of a group of bettors with a preference for three-team accumulators. We know they love trebles and are responsive to mobile marketing suggesting accumulator bets. How do we make that more valuable for CRM or marketing teams?

Combining mobile marketing messaging with knowledge of odds preference behaviour is one method. Use low or high-odds preference profiles to refine messaging with suggestions tailored to the individual.

By segmenting multiple-bettors by odds, or stake, operators can deliver successful individualised conversations. This allows marketers to create messages based on common themes. It’s easier for CRM teams to manage and delivers better value to operators by increasing the number of bets.

So, if we know that punters like multiple betting with a mixed range of markets, we can suggest it via mobile marketing automation platforms like Element Wave. If we know punters prefer five-leg multiples featuring team to win only, that is a better offer for them. The right messaging with the right suggestion increases bets per user.


Real-time Is The Right Time

Calendar preferences play a key role too. Use day of the week or month preferences as well as time-of-day activity to deliver suggested bets at a time that suits your players.

Marketing teams can create daily or weekly multiples and deliver them at key moments, based on the gambling history of the cohort. Busy betting times like Saturday afternoons or Champions League match days are the obvious ones to start with.


Bettors tend to stick to similar types of multiples with similar odds, stakes, both teams to score or similar football markets. Multiples can also be on unrelated outcomes. For example, some punters choose to mix it up with a bet on a player to score first, a team to win and a match result. Applying messaging based on the configuration of bets is another step towards boosting bet numbers.


Market Expansion

Using the data and processes behind mobile marketing surrounding multiples is vital for expansion to other markets too such as the competitive Asian or LatAm spaces. The ability to adapt to player habits and contexts makes it more seamless when you decide to move to other markets. Successful operators know the intricacies of customer profiles thanks to analysis.

Data shows that mobile players love multiples. Increasing the bets-per-player is easier when we know what preferences players have, especially on mobile. Segmenting players helps to narrow down the focus for your marketing team and makes your messages more effective.

As the mobile landscape changes, player data is the most valuable tool you have. Leveraging the data is the most important tactic.



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