No Data Warehouse Integration Required

No Data Warehouse Integration Required

No Data Warehouse Integration Required
How to get started with marketing automation – without a deep data warehouse integration.

Many technology leaders within sports betting companies are understandably nervous about the time and effort required to integrate a new mobile marketing automation tool with a legacy data warehouse. The good news is that there is a whole branch of mobile marketing automation that:

  1. does not require any data warehouse integration
  2. is easy to get started with, and
  3. offers enormous benefits to both player and brand.

At Element Wave, we believe mobile marketing can be divided into two broad categories. One is the traditional life-cycle based approach where there are predefined cycles for new users, there are stock campaigns for retained users and there are bonus-heavy anti-churn cycles for lapsing users. This approach benefits from having a full omni-channel view of the customer, relies heavily on push notifications for retargeting dormant or lapsing users and does produce incremental player value and increased conversions.

The other, newer approach, is what we specialise in at Element Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management. This is where brands automatically react in real-time to each player individually at the moment that they are engaging with the brand. This approach uses in-app messaging much more extensively, does not fall victim to push opt-in rates, and most importantly can be deployed easily and quickly without the dreaded data warehouse integration.


Real-time Context

Real-time interaction management offers brands the opportunity to drive players through goal-oriented journeys in real-time and on an individual basis. Context and personalisation are key to this type of marketing and a strong focus on data-driven approaches makes all the difference.

At Element Wave, we have seen data-driven real-time in-app messages regularly drive 200% increases in bets placed compared to control groups. Let’s look a little closer at how this was achieved.

  • An event-triggered in-app message is sent to a player the moment they navigate to Premiership within a sports betting app.
  • The in-app message says “112 players are betting on Premiership right now.”
  • This insight is data-mined directly out of all the mobile bets happening across your entire user base. The data is not coming from a sluggish data warehouse. It’s coming directly from your player’s smartphones.
  • Next, the player chooses “Man United” and adds it to their betslip.
  • Instantly another in-app message is displayed saying “This is a popular choice. The last bet on “Man United” was less than “2 minutes” ago.”
  • Encouraged by the subtle messages, the player places their bet.
  • A final in-app message displays a thumbs up and a good luck message.

Many variations of this type of interactive player journey management can be created, tweaked, and then left running in an automated but controlled way. Since each time a player interacts with the campaign the values for team names and leagues and numbers of players placing bets are data-mined individually, the messages that each player receives are personalised and relevant to them.

Our customers run these types of campaigns regularly, and when looking at bets placed from the target group versus a control group we regularly see 200% more bets coming from the target group.

The omni-channel, data-warehouse, life-cycle approach has its value and its place. However, with mobile players seeking faster thrills and more immersive experiences, data-driven real-time marketing automation produces jaw-dropping results and fun mobile experiences leading to much happier players. It’s a win-win result.


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