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Real-Time Marketing Automation for Sports Betting & Gaming

  • Value

    Increase in-play football bets by 10X
  • Retention

    Boost 3-month mobile player retention by 150%
  • Conversion

    3X more conversion from mobile installs to betting players

Technology Designed for Betting and Gaming

Element Wave is the first mobile marketing automation platform to use real-time data mining to fuel personalised app experiences based on trending app behaviours.

Chaining Moments

Unique to Element Wave, chaining campaigns gives the marketer control to link a message or series of messages together. This creates a real-time interactive journey for users and directs them to specific goals, such as onboarding, first deposit or first bet. Element Wave is designed for player lifecycle management, far beyond fire-and-forget push notifications.

Interactive Business Intelligence

Smart Data

Element Wave’s unique Smart Data is a game-changer. It is real-time marketing contextualisation. A system of sophisticated filters allows you to pull real-time trending app behaviour into your marketing messages. Marketers can use “most popular bet", “most popular choice" or “most popular sport" combined with speed and personalisation for message impact.

Element Wave is Built On

  • Speed

    The Element Wave high-performance computing team provides the fastest mobile marketing automation platform on the planet. Eliminating latency enables Element Wave to offer in-the-moment individualisation of each player journey. By tracking and responding to the actions of each individual in real-time, every player journey is optimised.
  • Real-Time API

    Element Wave’s real-time data mining API combines with intelligent algorithms. It means your marketing or CRM team can track every tap and action from every player and use that data. Marketers can create individualised experiences for your betting players, in real-time.
  • Recommendation Engine

    No more guesswork. Element Wave delivers the right bet suggestion to your most receptive players in milliseconds. Designed for betting and gaming our Recommendation Engine monitors patterns and automatically matches a player with a suggested market.
  • Robust Reporting

    We looked at the challenges facing betting and gaming operators and built our reporting around them. There are no more meaningless terms like “interactions”. Our platform gives you the power to assess the success of your campaigns in real-time. Track average stake, bet numbers, odds preferences or your requirements. Every company is different, which is why we allow you to define your own KPIs.


Get started quickly with our lightweight and easy to integrate SDKs – available for iOS, Android and in javascript format. A 20 minute integration gets you up and running with push and in-app messaging, along with real-time player insights. With documentation, code samples, and developer support available we can help you get this done in no time. Best of all, there is no data warehouse integration or API access required. Easy!

Simple SDK Integration

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