Shared Kick-Off: Building App Player Loyalty Across Match Times

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Note: This post reflects information from an anonymised data group and refers to app events between January 2016 – September 2016.


There is huge scope in mobile marketing across all verticals, but especially in the iGaming sector. In the lead up to the final rounds of the group stages of Champions League and Europa League, there is a huge opportunity for marketers in the betting and gaming industry to engage with users and entice new users to place multi-bets. During these major sporting seasons, many football matches share kick-off times, such as 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.


Our research has found that these football matches attract 10%-15% of the same bettors across all games kicking-off. That means 10%-15% of users who bet on any of the games kicking-off at 3pm within the same league, will bet on all of those games.  Here we discuss how marketers are targeting this group of bettors along with ideas on how to reach the remaining 85%-90%.


Capturing Player Loyalty

App analytics is key to understanding this user behaviour, maintaining these bet numbers, encouraging retention and loyalty. This data group (10%-15%) is made up of mobile bettors who predominantly bet on the sport of football. With a huge interest in big sporting leagues, they like to take a chance on the excitement of multiple games instead of just one. Outright winner, the number of goals scored and multi-betting proved popular betting markets.

Using a smartphone app to place bets enables bettors to complete their desired action much faster and at their convenience, on-the-go, at home or even attending a match.  Many native apps also give the user the ability to watch live football games & receive live updates (note: the user must allow notifications from the mobile app.) This is highly engaging for bettors within the 10%-15% group. Notifications will keep users in the loop on how multiple bets are performing.

This is where mobile automation can help marketers. It enables companies to engage with users at the right time with the right message. Element Wave enables mobile marketers or CRM managers to send targeted push notification based on past behaviours. Messages sent approximately 30 minutes prior to kick off drive betting numbers.


Pushing Data Forward

Knowing your audience is key: understanding that 10%-15% of your customers are interested in betting across a number games is useful. But what about the remaining 85%-90% of bettors? There is even bigger scope to reach these bettors. Marketers are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase app usage and turnover. How do you capture the missing mobile users? We’ve delivered thousands of mobile marketing messages and found these are the best tools for reaching this audience group.


1. Data

App analytics is crucial for the success of mobile marketing. By analysing data thoroughly, marketers can see what works and what doesn’t. A targeted push notification sent 10 minutes prior to kick-off may result in more bets than a broadcast push notification sent two hours before. Data can pinpoint different areas that users are more responsive to. This might be a messaging type, calls-to-action or specific promotions. Data enables marketers to engage with a bigger customer base using messaging proven to work.

Push notification example

By using app analytics to monitor the data, we found that users who received a push also placed bets on other matches with the same kick-off time. With this information in mind, we created a segment group of these bettors to target them in a more personalised and engaging way. For example, if a betting customer placed a bet on three different matches, they received live updates of goals, the score at half-time and result at full time. 


2. Push Notification

Push notifications are an effective way to capture a larger portion of this group. We’ve outlined the benefits of using push notifications here. Push notifications, when used right add huge value to iGaming apps. A use case for push notifications comes during Champions League season. With up to eight matches kicking off at the same time, use the information you have and personalise a push notification to entice new users to place multiple bets.

Example of a push notification for football


3. In-App messaging

An underrated tool to reach users who have not opted-in for push notifications. In-app messaging is sent only to active app users when they start a session. Target users with an in-app message after completing a specific app action such as visited Champions League page.

4. In-Play

In-play refers to any sporting or gaming event after it has started.

Push Notification - inplay

With football being the top sport for in-play betting, carefully planned in-play marketing messages can deliver immediate, tailored satisfaction boosting retention rates and turnover. Target bettors who placed a pre-match bet with an in-play bet to encourage betting on other matches.






You can increase engagement and monetisation during these big sporting events by sending mobile bettors what they want and are interested in. Use data to monitor trends and think strategically when it comes to these big sporting events to maximise engagement during multiple matches and not just the one.


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