How a Single Push Drives Bets Placed Up By 300%

Mobile is a battleground for retaining and engaging betting app users and the push notification is one of your most powerful allies. Countless reports reflect a growing reliance on devices; iPhone users unlock their iPhones on average 80 times per day, while Android users are on average 110 times. A clear strategy for push notifications and in-app messaging is vital for success.

How are marketing or CRM managers standing out on these crowded but essential home screens? What’s the best way to get sportsbook app users? Push notifications sent around match time are a good way to start. In extensive mobile marketing campaign execution and monitoring we’ve seen the following reaction as a result to contextual push notifications:


These results are from an extended testing period. For both pre-match and half-time push notifications we conducted AB testing over a number of months. We monitored the results of users who received pre-match or half-time push notifications and those who didn’t receive anything.The messages types were split into pre-match and half-time. The value of mobile marketing is immediate and creates value from the first push or in-app you send.

As Europe’s leading platform for retention, engagement, and automation for betting and gaming, we have seen the impact of all kinds of push notification and in-app message types: general offers, informational push, highly targeted and contextual.

Here’s how we did it:


We compared untargeted push notification and control groups at half-time and saw 300% increase in bets placed. That is before you even start to drill-down into your user base with highly targeted or a personalised push notification. Our half-time example is simple enough that any mobile marketer can set it up but effective enough that: “Half-time special: Lewandowski to score again for Bayern in the second half. Bet now.” These messages were sent in the 15 minutes between halves and valid only during half-time.


Something as simple as our pre-match example below drives engagement and bets from the first push notification open. Pre-match example: “Kick-off at the Emirates in 10 mins. Back the Gunners to win at 6/4.” These types of messages were sent in the lead up towards match kick-off. This use case for push notifications is simple but effective, increasing bets by 200% in the groups who received the push compared to the control group who received nothing. Push notifications have the added benefit of giving follow-on value: adding traction to your app, increasing session times and follow-on bets.

Best Practice

Context: We don’t advocate for the bland and generic push. “Sale now on, 50% off.” Even a little bit of context goes a long way. Utilise high-level data and broad information to hook users in. In the UK, Premier League is hugely popular, adding a team name gives users some context and a reason to bet.

Call-to-action: A push that doesn’t tell the user what to do is worthless. Give players a reason to bet and an action that they’ll want to click: “Add to bet slip now” “See all live markets”.

Deep link: Users want a simple bet experience, use deep linking to drive them towards a pre-filled bet slip. Give players direct access to the market they should be betting on and the tools to get there. A push message that directs the app user to the home screen where they flail around trying to find a market or event is a terrible customer experience and should be avoided at all costs.

Timing: Think about it smartly. Will app users care more about Bayern, Arsenal or Shamrock Rovers at 9 am on a Monday morning, or 20 minutes ahead of kick-off? Take a common sense approach to timing your app marketing messages.

Push notifications like this are most effective when used in conjunction with your broader marketing strategy to increase engagement, loyalty, and monetisation.

Note: This post reflects information from an anonymised data group and refers to app events between January 2016 – September 2016. 

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