The Decade of Mobile

The Decade of Mobile


2017 marks an important year in the mobile technology space. 10 years ago Steve Jobs announced to the world the first iPhone. A phone that impacted our lives dramatically, even if we didn’t know it at the time. The iPhone has evolved from a simple, but groundbreaking, touch-screen system, to an essential device, a must-have and an icon of the tech industry. We could even say it was the beginning of the shift to a mobile-first world. The iPhone has revolutionised the way we as consumers communicate, entertain, work and live today. According to Ofcom the UK has become a ‘smartphone society’.

Over the years iOS has brought style with its design as well as innovative and market-leading features. Today, front-facing camera, voice assistant Siri, fingerprint recognition system, touch ID & water resistant devices are ubiquitous and the standard for many phone models.10 years on we have seen up to ten iOS updates, iOS 1.0 – iOS 10.

As we look around the office more than 80% of Element Wave team members have an iPhone, while all employees spend their working day using an Apple computer. We asked the room and this is what our employees had to say about the iPhone:


Employee: Evelyn

Current Phone: iPhone 5c

Year of first iPhone: 2014

Your iPhone journey: I purchased my first iPhone when working abroad, I was the only member of my family without an iPhone so it was time to join the iPhone family!

Favourite feature: I love to travel so for me it’s all about the Apple wallet, I like the simplicity of saving travel itinerary in one place.


Employee: Cáit

Current Phone: iPhone 5S

Year of first iPhone: 2013

Your iPhone journey: My first iPhone was a slightly dodgy second-hand iPhone 4 that I got from my brother. It actually worked pretty well and got me hooked on iPhones. Since then, I’ve stuck with iOS. There is something very aesthetically pleasing and intuitive about using an iPhone and I think the App Store does a great job too.

Favourite feature: Apps. Some of my favourite apps right now include RTE News Now for news, Instagram for making everyone look good and Whatsapp for absolutely everything else.  


Employee Name: Sorcha

Current Phone: iPhone 6

Year of first iPhone: 2011

Your iPhone journey: I bought my first iPhone 2nd hand off a guy on a petrol station forecourt, it wasn’t as shady as it sounds, I swear 🙂

Favourite feature: Night Shift, after sitting at a computer all day, the warmer light is easier on the eyes.


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The iPhone has become a part of our personal and working lives. Mobile has transformed communication from one-to-one with friends and family to interactions between brands and customers. Thanks to Apple launching a push notification service, companies have the opportunity to communicate with mobile users in a personal way, using push notifications and in-app messaging.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen major improvements in the mobile space. Brands, like consumers, are making the shift to mobile. With mobile usage overtaking desktop and Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing, it will only encourage more mobile usage in the future for brands and consumers alike.

So, what’s next for smartphones? Many are pulling back to focus on the design and software elements making them simpler. This week Nokia have announced dates to bring back the old reliable 3310! Will Nokia be a second phone for us current iPhone holders? Lets wait and see, Apple’s 10-year anniversary smartphone might be enough.


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