What Is Smart Data?

What is smart data?


What is Smart Data? Element Wave’s uniquely-designed Smart Data pulls in live trending data in real-time and adds it to your marketing push or in-app messaging. It is Element Wave’s exclusive way to reach app users with real-time context. Years of experience with mobile-focused betting and gaming operators sparked the idea for Smart Data and its real-time use.

How do you use Smart Data? It’s quite simple. Once you have integrated Element Wave you can begin to use Smart Data straight away. You can take advantage of Smart Data for any type of player event happening across your user-base. The platform does the hard work for you.


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What Is Smart Data?

The process starts with choosing which player events you’re interested in: sign-up, deposit, bet, in-app navigation, game-play or any other player event. Smart Data can automatically figure out the most popular or most recent events or even figure out how many players are doing which events.

Real-time data-mining monitors what players are currently doing and uses it in marketing conversations. Behavioural data trends and insights can be inserted into your marketing messaging simply with a hashtag. “Trending now in Premier League #most-popular-team.” Live data replaces the #most-popular-team smart data with the appropriate team name immediately before the message sends.



Smart Data Converts

Ultimately the goal for mobile marketing is conversion. Smart Data taps into the trending topics and herd-mentality that drive player behaviours and increase conversions. It is mobile marketing on steroids.

According to Forbes, personalisation is still a key trend for marketing in 2017 and beyond. That extends across your entire CRM lifecycle from bonuses to marketing campaigns. It’s important to offer your players personalisation and individualisation in your app.

Reaching all your app users with the right message can be challenging. App marketing is all about reaching those users at the right moment. That’s where Smart Data comes in. The feature, unique to Element Wave is real-time marketing context, at the time your app users are most receptive. Smart Data is made for betting and gaming companies to leverage their player data instantly.


Real-Time Marketing Works

When we discuss real-time marketing, it refers to the live actions happening in your app right now. This could include trending sports, leagues, or bets. It may include team names, specific players or odds.

In a sports betting example, there might be an increase in the number of bets for Barcelona to score first against PSG in Champions League action. Smart Data draws in this information and can send it to segments of your user base to encourage bets.

This focus on utilising real-time behaviour is a growing trend. Across every vertical, operators are now seeing the significant value created by the use of live data.

The report Making Real-Time Moments Matter, by Wayin says that 98% of companies found an increase in revenue as a direct result of real-time marketing while half of these companies reported a revenue return of more than half. The study looked at real-time marketing across a variety of channels including email and social.

On mobile specifically, travel brands leverage the value of sending real-time updates to their passengers with gate change information. These interactions are useful and encourage loyalty amongst passengers.

Banking and finance apps use real-time balance reminders or bill pay notifications. These are useful interactions that need immediate engagement from customers.

Retail brands use countdown timers for live sale notifications to encourage purchases.

The beautiful thing about Smart Data is that it is agnostic to your product. It doesn’t matter if the app is a pure casino offering, a sports book-casino hybrid, or dedicated to binary options. Smart Data fits into and enhances your product and the events unique to your app.

With increasing competitiveness on the app store, player acquisition costs continue to rise and player retention continues to plummet. Retention is becoming more important than ever. Smart Data is a data-led approach to retaining players and delivering clever and engaging mobile interactions.


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